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DVD with yoga lessons in Spanish

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Importance of Yoga Today

In today’s world, we are always in motion, always exposed to the noise of information, to visual congestion, to the media. Therefore, we never have time to be with ourselves or to really relate to others and with all of the nature around us.

We also live in a materialistic world in which external priorities have taken too much importance. We are constantly bombarded with messages inviting us to consume, and telling us we need all this “stuff” in order to be happy, even when we don’t need any of it. We live in a space presenting us with images of how we are supposed to be, what we need to accomplish and how we should look before others.

Unfortunately we have forgotten who we really are, what is it that we want to accomplish, what our purpose is and what really makes us happy.

Also as a result of our fast paced lives we have forgotten how to interact with others and with the world around us in a polite and compassionate manner.

Yoga gives us an opportunity to put all of this on pause and discover how we feel, to have a date with ourselves, to listen to our bodies and to know what it needs. It offers us silence in order to reconnect with our thoughts and to discover who we really are.

Knowing ourselves, taking care of ourselves and accepting ourselves in the present moment makes it easier to let changes happen, and it improves our relationship with everything around us.