DVD with yoga lessons in Spanish
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DVD with yoga lessons in Spanish

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Kids practice Yoga in different ways depending on their age.

For the little ones (3 to 8 years old), it is a practice of imaginary play through stories and adventures generally related to nature. Children have fun while strengthening their bodies, building self-esteem and learning to relax.

Through yoga, kids become aware of their breathing and their body in a friendly and non-competitive environment, without judgments or expectations.

For older kids (8 to 12 years old) the practice is closer to what it is for adults, since they are better suited to hold a pose for a longer period of time or to accomplish more advanced poses. At this age they are also more conscious of their bodies and their minds. It is also a fun practice that gives them the chance to play and laugh a little while challenging themselves in a non-competitive way. At this age, relaxation also takes even more importance, since learning to relax is also a tool that greatly improves their everyday life.