DVD con clases de yoga en español
DVD con clases de yoga en español

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Mayo 4, 2010

El Regalo del Silencio

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Anne Le Claire, author of “Listening Below the Noise” writes about her personal journey keeping regular days of silence as a spiritual practice.  Paradoxically, she has lots to say about the value of not saying anything – especially when it comes to not just hearing, but actually listening to, what another has to say.

Here’s a excerpt from the book, one that I certainly relate to:

“I discovered how often in silence, I heard the echo of what I would have said if I had been talking. I was surprised at how frequently I was frustrated because I couldn’t offer my opinions.  And, of course, busy with my own thoughts, I realized that I wasn’t fully listening to others.”

The ability to simply pay attention, without agenda, judgment or opinion to what someone wants to share with is worth cultivating.  In fact, it is gift that is cherished by the receiver and costs nothing except a little time and putting ego aside for a minute or two.

If you’ve ever been listened to in this way, you know the power it holds to connect and heal. A silent, supportive presence can reach far beyond anything we could say- no matter how brilliant, witty or well-meaning.

In yoga we say that we’re “holding the space” for the other to be or do or say whatever is their experience in that moment.  In this form of deep listening, there’s a freedom and safety for the other to be exactly who they are.  The irony of acceptance – of self – or others -  is that it is often the surest incentive for growth and change.

Give someone the gift of listening this week  – a child, a senior, the lady next door who lives alone.  I hear it’s time well spent.