DVD with yoga lessons in Spanish
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DVD with yoga lessons in Spanish

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Lina Navia was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. She started acting on television at the age of eight, in some of Colombia’s most renowned programs. This experience helped her understand the importance of working with children to inspire them to communicate and create a space to express themselves.

After graduating with a degree in Communications and Language from Bogota’s Universidad Javeriana, Lina traveled to Nueva York to study theatre at The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Later, in 1998 she moved to Los Angeles, and in search of a place to exercise, Lina found a studio where she took her first yoga class. In the beginning she did not know what to expect. Her only knowledge of yoga was a book she came across at home when she was a little girl, which had photos of a woman in a pink leotard doing impossible poses only people from another planet could pull off. Once the class was over, Lina felt as light as a feather and her mind was clear and relaxed - a marvelous brand new sensation. That is how her life in the world of yoga began.

In 2001, while pregnant with her first baby, Lina took prenatal yoga with Gurmuk, at Golden Bridge Yoga. This experience furthered her practice and prepared her to give birth in a wonderful and fulfilling manner.

After both of her children Sofia and Sebastian were born, Lina realized the happiness she felt by being with children. She decided to find the way to work with them and for them.

In 2007 she took a couple courses to teach children’s yoga: one with Shakta Kaur Khalsa (Radiant Child Yoga Program) and a few months afterwards with Shana Meyerson (mini yogis). That same year she started to teach in the City of Bell Gardens, where her yoga classes in Spanish for kids program won first place in the category of Health and Wellness of the California Society of Parks and Recreation.

But not only the kids of Bell Gardens learned from Lina. She also learned a lot from them. This helped her understand the magnitude and benefits of this practice...beyond the physical.

This experience inspired her to continue her studies. Towards the end of 2007 she took a course with Erich Schiffmann at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement. There Lina gained a deeper knowledge of the benefits of her own practice, and started to feel that connection so talked about in yoga.

In 2008, Lina had the very good fortune to train with Yogaworks. It was an interactive and very detailed 200-hour course. Completing this certification gave her the confidence to start teaching adults as well.

At the end of 2009, Lina took a prenatal yoga certification course with Patti Asad (Yogaworks). Since the yoga experience while pregnant with her own kids added so much to her personal life, she desired to share this with other women.

In 2012 she completed the 300 hour teacher training with Yogaworks which makes her a certified 500 hour teacher for Yoga Alliance.  She was mentored by Rachael Simmons and took classes with recognized teachers such as Lisa Wolford and Robert Birnberg.

Her mission with ümbral is to offer the benefits of yoga to those in the Hispanic community willing to receive it, via a unique and meaningful health and wellness endeavor.